Current projects


    The THEMIS project aims at producing a general ordinal theory of cooperative interaction situations and power indices for the formulation of a portfolio of social ranking solutions applied to different domains of artificial intelligence, such as decision theory, game theory, computational social choice and multi-agent systems. In particular, the project will focus on the following families of problems: 1) the axiomatic design of novel social ranking solutions accompanied with a road-map of principles guiding users to the most adapted scenario; 2) the impact of the computational difficulties of algorithms for social ranking and their vulnerability to strategic behaviour; 3) the dynamics of coalition formation and the effect of social ranking solutions on the behaviour of individuals to form stable coalition structures; 4) the application of compact preference representation to efficiently compute social ranking solutions and to assess their robustness to changes and to manipulations.


    E-democracy is a form of government that allows everybody to participate in the development of laws. It has numerous benefits since it strengthens the integration of citizens in the political debate. Several on-line platforms exist; most of them propose to represent a debate in the form of a graph, which allows humans to better grasp the arguments and their relations. However, once the arguments are entered in the system, little or no automatic treatment is done by such platforms. Given the development of online consultations, it is clear that in the near future we can expect thousands of arguments on some hot topics, which will make the manual analysis difficult and time-consuming. The goal of this project is to use artificial intelligence, computational argumentation theory and natural language processing in order to detect the most important arguments, estimate the acceptability degrees of arguments and predict the decision that will be taken.

  • MITI CNRS Negoclim

    The NEGOCLIM project brings together researchers in economics and computer science to study climate negotiations.

Previous projects

  • ANR project CoCoRiCoCODEC ``Calcul, Communication, Rationalité et Incitations en Décision Collective et Coopérative’’
    • start: Octobre 2014, ended:
  • COST action on Computational Social Choice (COMSOC
    • ended in 2016
  • ANR project on Advanced Multilateral Argumentation for DEliberation (AMANDE
  • start: December 2013, ended: December 2018